Eat Breakfast

The morning of, consume plenty of food and drink as this will decrease the chances of lightheadedness during the treatment.

Remove Makeup

If you wear makeup to your appointment, we’ll need to remove it before your treatment in order to get a clean canvas.

Workout Before Treatment

Be sure to have your daily workout before your treatment, since we don’t recommend any exercise for 24 hours afterwards.

Limited Downtime

You can get right back to work after your treatment, but we recommend leaving yourself an hour of time to avoid being stressed or rushed.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

You are not a candidate for these injections if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

No Wine One Week Prior

Drinking red wine can increase your chances of bruising following Botox. To avoid this, patients should plan to give up wine for seven days before they come for treatment.

Don’t Take Anti-Inflammatories Week Prior

Ideally, you will be able to enjoy the results of your Botox treatment within 4-5 days: less prominent facial lines and overall younger-looking features. However, bruising and discoloration aren’t part of anyone’s plan for aesthetic improvement. That’s why we recommend that you avoid anti-inflammatory medications for seven days before you have Botox injections. There are certain patients for whom anti-inflammatory medications are medically necessary. If this is your case, please discuss this need during your initial consultation so that we can plan your care accordingly.

Avoid Foods Containing Garlic

Eating garlic can increase your chances of bruising after Botox. Patients should not consume food with garlic for seven days before their procedure. While giving up garlic and other recommendations to this point have focused on what to avoid, there’s one remedy that we suggest Botox patients add to their routine. We advise patients to begin using arnica, a natural herb, to minimize bruising prior to the Botox treatment.